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Admittance controls and biometric assistance clocks

logo05Currently, security in companies and industries is fundamental, which is why admittance controls to the different points of these is turning day by day in a more serious necessity. For this reason, MDM offers you the IDTECK brand, which has a complete and technological array of admittance controls which can be adapted to both the simplest and most complex needs.

•Workplace attendance control and schedule control: the management of personnel attendance is controlled by PC, by fingerprint identification.

•Admittance control to different areas, which allows for the restriction of admittance, as you see fit.

•Presence control: Work presence control, schedule control, timetable control.

•ID and Security Cards: used for the identification of the user, and allowing customization with the data and picture of the user. This cards are also used for admittance, schedule and attendance control.

IDTECK is the leading brand in security products in the field of admittance control for buildings, homes and industries. It constantly develops advanced technology for RFID and biometric equipment, control panels and smart cards.

RFID systems are based in the identification of radiofrequencies, a communication technology via radio which is an automatic solution to data collection. RFIDs consist of a tag and a radio frequency reader.

Biometrics readers such as fingerprint recognition have admittance control functions as independent biometrics regulators or biometrics readers. They decide if the entry data are authorized or not by comparing them with the biometrics data stored in the device. Fingerprint recognition is the technology that verifies the identity of a person based in the fact that every single person has a unique fingerprint. This is one of the most used biometrics and it is continuously studied.